Children and Dental Exams

The dreaded first dental exam! So much anxiety, fear and stress about dentists start at a young age. So when should your child come in for their first exam? We believe children should start receiving dental exams as soon as they are able to sit still. This is usually around the age of three.

As a parent, you can create a pleasant, even fun experience for your child. Children have no ideas about dentists or dentistry. They are a blank slate, so going to the dentist has no meaning at all. Children will pick up feelings, ideas and anxiety about dental exams from you. Accompany your child as they go through the first examination. It creates a safe space for them to explore and become familiar with our office and the examination. Afterwards, we always give them a toy from our toy chest. They usually are happy to come back!

Their first visit is normally a routine exam. Treatment depends on your child's personality, abilities, and any potential health issues that may appear. This creates security and safety for them. Children who relate to the dentist without fear grow up to become anxiety-free dental patients, with smiles and health to prove it!


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