Dental Unit Waterlines

Whether we are cleaning patients' mouths, or cleaning and sterilizing dental instruments, water is a crucial part of our practice. The water in our dental office goes through state-of-the-art sterilization processes for your health and wellness.


Water entering a dental waterline is the same as your home. However, this is where the similarities end. In our office, we employ a state-of-the-art filtration system, specially designed for dental practices. This ensures the water used during your examination is at the highest standards of the American Dental Association and medical community. Yet with even the highest levels of filtration, microbes are still present.

Naturally occurring microscopic bacteria inhabit almost every water system. They group with fungi to create biofilm. Biofilm consists of thin layers of naturally occurring water bacteria and fungi found on nearly all surfaces. These biofilms occur in your showerhead, water fountains and faucets.

Biofilm is part of the natural intake of bacteria and germs we encounter without harm every day. After years of intensive studies, there have been no scientific links to biofilm in dental water lines causing illness.

However, the ability to fight off any common bacteria is dependent on your immune system. Smoking and heavy drinking can often damage your immune system. The elderly, very young or those receiving treatment for cancer or HIV have weaker immune systems as well. As part of your dental examination, you fill out an extensive medical questionnaire. This allows us to understand your health and immune system. If necessary, we take extra preventive measures ensuring you remain in perfect health.


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