Dental X-rays

Dental x-rays are essential for a healthy smile and mouth. With x-rays, we can discover cavities, tumors, and bone disease. Otherwise, these problems would go unnoticed until you feel discomfort or worse.

X-rays allow us to diagnose a problem early. Nearly all symptoms if left untreated cause serious health and dental problems. This can lead to tooth loss, disfiguring surgery, or even death. For example, if a dental x-ray reveals the early stages of a tumor, then treatment is more effective. Early detection is crucial in treating any issu, with minimal impact on you.

A full series of dental x-rays involves 18 individual films. Now 18 films may seem like a lot of exposure, but it is actually minimal. Typical dental x-rays are equivalent to one-fiftieth of radiation caused by one chest x-ray. We also use a heavy lead shield to protect you from any potential stray radiation.

For most of our patients we recommend x-rays every three to five years. However, those receiving more extensive and frequent treatment receive x-rays every three years or less. If you have not had a full set of dental x-rays taken in the past three years, or have more questions about the x-ray process, we will be happy to assist you any way we can.


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