Fear of Dentistry

Do you get that sick, uneasy feeling when thinking of your next dental visit? Well do not worry you are not alone. Nearly half of the population avoids the dentist until they experience severe discomfort (CDA Journal, July 1998). The most common reasons for avoiding regular checkups are cost and fear of pain. Both of these are good reasons. Few people actually like to spend money and experience pain at the same time! However, when you think about the consequences of not seeing a dentist regularly it outweighs the concerns.

First, let’s look at the cost of dental care. A healthy mouth is less than a couple of hundred dollars a year. Usually insurance covers this cost. However, if you do not maintain good oral hygiene and avoid biannually visits, the cost jumps. Root canals, tooth replacements and oral surgery cost far more than years of dental care. Regular cleanings and examinations detect diseases in their early stages. When you feel discomfort, the problem may require drastic and expensive procedures. Sometimes the removal of teeth is necessary.

So what about the pain? Many believe dental examinations and treatments are painful. Most of the time dental examinations are painless and ensure your health. When it’s time for advanced dental procedures, we always use local anesthetics to minimize any pain or discomfort. We continue to use new dental equipment and procedures to ensure the highest levels of comfort.

So don’t worry about your next routine dental examination.


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