Fluoride and Your Child

There are so many questions about Fluoride right now. What is it? What does it do? Does it work? Here are the basics of fluoride and your child. Fluoride is a mineral that combines with the tooth's enamel. It increases strength by warding off decay and enhancing the absorption of calcium. In the war against cavities, fluoride is one of the most effective tools.

Most fluoride comes through your drinking water, regulated for your health at one part fluoride per million parts water. Young children with developing teeth need fluoride the most. As teeth form, fluoride becomes part of the tooth enamel, creating a strong defense against decay. Children consuming drinking water with fluoride from birth have half as many cavities. Many remain cavity free into their teens!

Fluoride like any supplement should be ingested only in the recommended amount of one part per million. We still advise children to spit out any remaining toothpaste and rinse with water, so teach them at a young age.


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