Mechanical Tooth Brushes

Are you tired of trying to get every inch with your old toothbrush? Or your kids can’t brush well enough? Then consider an electric toothbrush. The electric toothbrush is an amazing and highly effective tool in cleaning your teeth. Electric toothbrushes fall into three categories: Mechanical, Sonic and Ionic.

Mechanical toothbrushes come with rotating or oscillating heads. Very similar to wax polishers for your floor or car. Rapid, constant movement by bristles against teeth and gums removes plaque and food particles with ease.

Sonic toothbrushes have a rotating head and bristles, while emitting sound waves. The sound waves create vibrations effectively loosening plaque and particles. This is the same technology that we use in our office to help remove plaque.

Ionic toothbrushes reverse the polarity of teeth. Your teeth naturally have a negative ionic charge, while food particles naturally have a positive ionic charge. The opposite charges attract causing food particles to stick to your teeth. It’s like holding two opposite magnets around each other. They are "drawn" to each other creating a strong bond. The ionic toothbrush temporarily changes the tooth's negative ionic charge to a positive charge. Then, another part of the toothbrush is negatively charged. This attracts plaque and food particles away from your teeth leaving them clean and fresh.

Each type of mechanical toothbrush is highly effective at removing plaque and keeping your teeth and gums clean. While there is an initial investment, the benefits to your health are priceless. For more information on electric toothbrushes, see the Teledyne, Braun, and Interplak web sites. While we make no recommendations, all three companies produce electric toothbrushes and have solid reputations.

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