Stains - Bleaching Your Teeth

Stains are the result of the food and drinks we regularly consume, including several we "can't do without.” The always-addictive coffee, dark tea, dark colored sodas, chocolates and other dark acidic foods are big stainers. To reduce stain buildup, drink sodas, coffee and tea through a straw. The liquid avoids your teeth and most stainable surfaces. You can also rinse or brush after eating or drinking to minimize stains.

Daily brushing and flossing usually removes stains from food and drinks. However, these stains, called extrinsic stains, can buildup over time. If left alone, eventually they will require a dental cleaning called prophylaxis.

Intrinsic stains absorb into the teeth through cracks and fissures in the enamel. The cracks and fissures may be microscopic and invisible to the naked eye. No amount of brushing, flossing or prophylaxes removes an intrinsic stain. But don’t worry; you won’t live with discolored teeth forever. While you cannot remove intrinsic stains, dental bleaching can significantly lighten them.

Discolored Teeth 
For those of you with discolored teeth, dental bleaches are effective in lightening your smile. But be aware that the treatment may take longer than stained teeth. In these cases, the length of treatment may be as long as 6 months, but the result is dramatic. SMILE!

Everyone wants beautiful white teeth right now. With products all over grocery and drug store shelves, it is hard to make a decision. In our practice, we use professional dental bleaching. Safe and effective, it lightens the color of your teeth, even if they are naturally dark in color. We take a mold of your teeth and create perfect "bleaching trays" in the laboratory. At night, take the trays and fill them with our bleaching solution. Then sit back, relax and watch TV or read for the designated time. Your treatment depends on the desired color change and depth of stain or darkness of your teeth. Most patients require just bleaching twice a day for two weeks. The result is a bright and brilliant smile!


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