Do you ever wonder about those instruments on the tray? Body fluids like saliva and blood carry disease and infection. So how do I stay healthy? These are great questions and legitimate concerns for all patients.
The obvious way to protect you against the spread of disease or infection is to sterilize all equipment and personnel. We have rigorous internal standards for every person. This includes disinfecting hands between each patient, strict guidelines of personal hygiene and disposable gloves worn by all our staff. Often, if we leave the room to check an x-ray, we replace our gloves during a single session. We even wear masks to protect against airborne contaminants.

“So what about the tools?” you may ask. We throw away disposable items immediately, and with every piece of permanent dental equipment, we create barriers. Barriers are physical coverings that prevent you from contact with any portion of the equipment.

Did you notice thick plastic coverings over most equipment in our examination rooms? We replace them daily to ensure zero chances of contamination. In addition, any equipment you touch has removable plastic sheaths replaced between every patient.

Behind the scenes in our office, products go through independent sterilization in the packaging itself. Products arriving at our office have purity barriers and protection in place to ensure your health and wellness. From advanced dental supplies to your new toothbrush, after every visit, all have the same rigorous standards.
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