Teeth and Your Overall Health

Vaccines control small pox, chicken pox, German measles, hepatitis A and B, and many other diseases. Most think disease prevention involves a shot in the arm, hygienic conditions, or antibodies in our blood stream. But what you may not be aware of is the role our mouths play in disease prevention.

Your mouth is a gateway to your body for microorganisms, environmental carcinogens and chemicals. These particles enter the mouth through membranes covered with mucus. This is where your first line of defense against disease begins.

Since many bacteria and disease enter the body through the mouth, studies researching oral vaccinations are common. The mucous tissue lining the mouth produces over 70 percent of the body's antibodies. Oral vaccines could take advantage of these antibodies, boosting the body's natural defense mechanisms. So why aren’t vaccinations given orally?

Studies found that the body's own natural defenses attack oral vaccines. These defenses include enzymes in saliva and even stomach acid. Vaccines introduced into the body through injections do not face these barriers.

As we search for ways to fight disease through oral vaccinations, continue to receive your regular vaccine injections as advised. You can always boost your immunity by practicing good dental hygiene. Help your mouth build and maintain its first line of defense.

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