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"If there is one undeniable truth about Dr. Derrick Chan DDS, it is that he is as thorough a dentist as they come. Never have I had a dentist spend so much time with my teeth! I know that sounds ironic but when visiting dental offices in the past, the dental hygenist has performed my cleaning (which takes up the majority of the visit), then the actual dentist came in, picked around a bit, and sent me on my way with a seal of approval.  

Not so at Dr. Chan's. After taking about 20 x-rays, doing gum thickness tests, analyzing my previous sealants and fillings, and putting some pen-sized camera in my mouth to show me on the flatscreen where I should brush more, Dr. Chan sat down with me himself and fielded my questions and concerns regarding my teeth.  

Since it was my first visit to his office, Dr. Chan personally called me on the phone the next day to follow up. He wanted to make sure my mouth was feeling ok and check if I had any more questions now that I had time to process the visit. Also, he sent a hand-written note in the mail thanking me for becoming a new patient at his office. His crew at the front desk was also very helpful in explaining what was covered/not covered by my dental insurance and when I requested x-rays be sent to my oral surgeon, they were on the ball with that too.

Dr. Chan came highly recommended (everyone I work with has seen him for decades) and I am very happy that I have him as my dentist.

Erin R., San Francisco

"Dr Chan and his staff are super friendly. The office is clean. State of the art technology. Wouldn't go anywhere else!"

Ema, San Francisco, CA

"Another great visit to Dr. Derrick Chan. Front staff is friendly. Hygienist was pregnant and didnt even show. She was very nice and did a great job cleaning my teeth. She also recommended me sensodyne toothpaste since my teeth are sensitive to cold drinks. Dr Chan only checked my teeth after the cleaning and panoramic x-rays. He said everything looks good. What else could you ask for? Awesome practice!"

Ray, San Francisco

"Dr. Chan is thorough, meticulous, and definitely knows his stuff. He practices above the standard of care (and has a relatively aggressive/ preventative treatment philosophy). He appears "cutting edge"-- with text message appointment reminders and electronic medical records installed well before necessary... I am easily wowed as a lowly patient. 

He also runs a very clean office without feeling sterile (like so many dentists' offices seem), and his team of hygienists + front desk are conversational, efficient, gentle, and knowledgeable. The fact that there doesn't appear to be much staff turnover is definitely a nice sign. When I'm told my teeth are "fine"-- I know that they definitely are!

I only wish he were also open Mondays, instead of Tues-Fri! Also parking in this area of the Richmond is not as easy as I'd like, but hey, I live in the 'burbs so I'm totally spoiled. :-P (I do not drive an SUV though!)"

Debra, Albany, CA

"This older Russian lady recommended Dr. Chan to me years ago. She saw him when her old dentist was incapcitated and she felt guilty by going back to her old dentist when he was better. But she did say that Dr. Chan was very, very good.  

And guess what? She was right!  

I have been coming to Dr. Chan for many years and he has been so helpful with my multitude of dental maladies. So (and this may be too personal) I had to have a bridge made and he did the work....perfectly, might I add. The workmanship gets compliments from other dental professionals, that's how good that bridge is! 

Oh, and he is a proud dog owner (of basenjis), but I haven't stopped working on getting him to adopt a big ol' pitbull."

Valerie, San Francisco, CA

"Wow - I am so happy I found Dr. Chan's office! I don't know about you but I hate to go downtown if I don't have to for any kind of personal care. I live out here in the Richmond and I like to keep things simple.

So I was just walking home yesterday, stopped in to get some bleach for my trays (since his place is right near my house) and was immediately pulled into the ambiance that is Dr. Chan's office.

I'm talking about an ambiance of professionalism and trust ...and it was all around me... So since it was time for my cleaning (And I needed to find a new dentist anyway) I felt I would give it a try and I was able to get in on a cancellation for a cleaning the next day.

Well after my cleaning today, can say I have found my new dentist and here's why:

First of all, the front desk people are really friendly. Second, the office is super clean and organized (love the ducks). Third, the Hygenist is so knowledgeable and thorough. Finally, Dr. Chan is *great* - I feel like I am in very good hands. I made another appointment - I am hooked!Overall, very professional, warm and friendly."

Sue, San Francisco, CA

"I haven't been to the dentist in more than 2 years (we moved to CA and I got pregnant almost right away, then the baby takes up so much time, and really, isn't it super easy to put it off?!) so I knew this wasn't going to be a fun process to find and go to a new dentist, but WOW!  

Dr. Chan and his staff are really fantastic. Probably the best dental experience I've had in my life. Really super thorough and while it's going to be a grueling process to get all the hideous plaque removed via laser (and about 5 hours), I know it's the right thing to do to prevent more bone loss and gum disease. He also did an impromptu root canal that was completely painless. They are very concerned for your comfort and super friendly. Most of all, one gets the sense they are competent and knowledgeable and have state-of-the-art equipment. This is a dentist who has grown with the times. I'm going to recommend him to everyone I know. Best of all, I'm not going to put off going to the dentist ever again."

KN, San Francisco, CA


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