Most of you know x-rays take pictures of your jawbone and teeth. But did you know that x-rays also enable us to examine oral cancers, sinus infections, and gum disease? Many of these go unnoticed with visual examinations. But with x-rays, they are caught at treatable stages. Early detection for many diseases eliminates drastic treatments like roots canals or extractions.

With children, X-rays are especially valuable for diagnosing developmental problems. Regular x-rays detect problems with the bone and jaw as well as misalignment of teeth.

Many are concerned about exposure to radiation and possible health risks. In our office, a pantographic x-ray machine with E-speed film minimizes your exposure to radiation. Pantographic x-rays focus on your complete upper and lower jaw, sinuses, joint, and teeth. The result is the same amount of radiation on a one-way plane trip to Denver.

E-speed film cuts radiation exposure in half by processing 50% faster than conventional x-rays. To put it in perspective, it takes about 50 dental x-rays to equal the exposure of just one chest x-ray.
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